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    Kamis, 27 Juni 2013

    Watch Now Mr. Turner HD ⚖ Premium FREE

    Mr Turner Do not claim enthusiast 4K Ultra HD if you have not Jouer this one, he is the idol of the lovers in 2016 Megamovie On this week movie great on cinema is Mr. Turner and the movie Watch Now Mr. Turner HD ⚖ Premium FREE get viewer most to watch this movie. Cinema like Viooz, Solarmovie, Movie4k, etc have thousand visitors/2h. This movie Mr. Turner great come from this channel (http://streaming.putlockermovie.net/?id=2473794) and this great movie Watch Now Mr. Turner HD ⚖ Premium FREE can download and watch for free unlimited.

    This film explores the last quarter century of the great if eccentric British painter J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851). Profoundly affected by the death of his father, loved by a housekeeper he takes for granted and occasionally exploits sexually, he forms a close relationship with a seaside landlady with whom he eventually lives incognito in Chelsea, where he dies. Throughout this, he travels, paints, stays with the country aristocracy, visits brothels, is a popular if anarchic member of the Royal Academy of Arts, has himself strapped to the mast of a ship so that he can paint a snowstorm, and is both celebrated and reviled by the public and by royalty..

    About Mr. Turner

    Artist : Lesley Manville, Karl Johnson, Timothy Spall, Paul Jesson, Marion Bailey
    As : J M W Turner
    Title : Watch Now Mr. Turner HD ⚖ Premium FREE
    Release date : 2014-12-19
    Movie Code : 2473794
    Duration : 149
    Category : Drama

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    Screen Of Mr. Turner

    screen Mr Turner watch Mr Turner poster Mr Turner
    Mr Turner

    poster Mr Turner

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    Comment For Mr. Turner Full Movie Trailer Official 2017

    Claudia Puig Comment Mr TurnerName : Claudia Puig / Alias : USA Today
    The sprawling, loosely structured 2 1/2 hour drama has some of the year's most stunning visuals, many of which appear as artfully composed scenes in Turner's work.
    Dana Stevens Comment Mr TurnerName : Dana Stevens / Alias : Slate
    Writing about Mr. Turner a few weeks after seeing it, I feel a craving to be again immersed in its world, which is rich with colors, textures, and, it sometimes almost seems, smells .
    Joe Morgenstern Comment Mr TurnerName : Joe Morgenstern / Alias : Wall Street Journal
    Any expectations of reverential biography are quickly dispelled by Mr. Leigh's sharp, scintillating script and Mr. Spall's uncanny daring.
    Stephanie Zacharek Comment Mr TurnerName : Stephanie Zacharek / Alias : Village Voice
    This is less your standard-issue biopic than a foray into the mystery of human feeling.
    Liam Lacey Comment Mr TurnerName : Liam Lacey / Alias : Globe and Mail
    The gap between the celestial art of the great English romantic painter Joseph Mallord William Turner and the brutish details of his life is vividly explored in Mike Leigh's tragicomic movie Mr. Turner.
    Dave Calhoun Comment Mr TurnerName : Dave Calhoun / Alias : Time Out
    Timothy Spall - a veteran of Mike Leigh's films - plays this eccentric, determined London bohemian like a bronchial, cantankerous, randy old toad with backache.
    Peter Rainer Comment Mr TurnerName : Peter Rainer / Alias : Christian Science Monitor
    It's a painfully uneven movie, but its best moments are ravishingly good.
    Kenneth Turan Comment Mr TurnerName : Kenneth Turan / Alias : Los Angeles Times
    J.M.W. Turner, arguably the greatest of British painters, was an uncommonly difficult man, and "Mr. Turner," the exceptional film Mike Leigh has made about him, does not do things the easy way either.
    Peter Howell Comment Mr TurnerName : Peter Howell / Alias : Toronto Star
    Keen observer Mike Leigh brings his hawk's eye to a vibrant rendering of J.M.W. Turner, the celebrated British "painter of light."
    Peter Travers Comment Mr TurnerName : Peter Travers / Alias : Rolling Stone
    Leigh shows us the world as Turner sees it-harsh and ravishing. His beauty of a movie touches the heart not by sentimental gush but by the amplitude of its art.​
    Bob Mondello Comment Mr TurnerName : Bob Mondello / Alias : NPR
    Spall may make a grotesque of Turner - piggish, rutting, whoring - but he finds such incandescence in the world around him. And director Mike Leigh lets you see that incandescence as Turner saw it: Everywhere.
    David Edelstein Comment Mr TurnerName : David Edelstein / Alias : New York Magazine/Vulture
    With his incomparable Mr. Turner, Mike Leigh continues to make other directors look simpleminded.
    Leslie Felperin Comment Mr TurnerName : Leslie Felperin / Alias : Hollywood Reporter
    Mr. Turner manages to illuminate that nexus between biography and art with elegant understatement.
    Mick LaSalle Comment Mr TurnerName : Mick LaSalle / Alias : San Francisco Chronicle
    Failure isn't only the province of the lazy and uninspired. No, even the gifted and conscientious must occasionally take a stroll through that blasted landscape, and with Mr. Turner Leigh does it, for 2 1/2 hours. Don't go with him.
    Michael Phillips Comment Mr TurnerName : Michael Phillips / Alias : Chicago Tribune
    Without a speck of pomposity Leigh's film - one of the year's best - honors its subject in all his tetchy ambiguity.
    Sasha Stone Comment Mr TurnerName : Sasha Stone / Alias : TheWrap
    As is usual with any Mike Leigh film - a style unique and trademarked by now - his ensemble is a collection of remarkably adept actors who know their characters so well they could stay in character for weeks, continually improvising, as they often do.
    Rex Reed Comment Mr TurnerName : Rex Reed / Alias : New York Observer
    A vacuous endurance test about an abstract loser.
    Lou Lumenick Comment Mr TurnerName : Lou Lumenick / Alias : New York Post
    Timothy Spall - best known to mainstream audiences as Wormtail in the Harry Potter series - delivers an Oscar-caliber tour de force reminiscent of Charles Laughton
    A.O. Scott Comment Mr TurnerName : A.O. Scott / Alias : New York Times
    "Mr. Turner" is a mighty work of critical imagination, a loving, unsentimental portrait of a rare creative soul.
    Colin Covert Comment Mr TurnerName : Colin Covert / Alias : Minneapolis Star Tribune
    "Mr. Turner" is a rich portrait of England at a particularly scabrous period.
    David Denby Comment Mr TurnerName : David Denby / Alias : New Yorker
    "Mr. Turner" is a harsh, strange, but stirring movie, no more a conventional artist's bio-pic than Robert Altman's wonderful, little-seen film about van Gogh and his brother, "Vincent and Theo."
    Elizabeth Weitzman Comment Mr TurnerName : Elizabeth Weitzman / Alias : New York Daily News
    Leigh and lead Timothy Spall make full use of their canvas, creating a sprawling portrayal of a wonderfully messy personality.
    A.A. Dowd Comment Mr TurnerName : A.A. Dowd / Alias : AV Club
    A portrait of the artist as visionary oddball, for whom life was an endless source of both beauty and the irritating distractions blocking his view of said beauty.
    Andrew O'Hehir Comment Mr TurnerName : Andrew O'Hehir / Alias : Salon.com
    "Mr. Turner" is a rich, ruthless and profoundly compassionate study of life and love and art, for those who find themselves on its wavelength, but it also presents itself as a challenge.
    Scott Foundas Comment Mr TurnerName : Scott Foundas / Alias : Variety
    Mike Leigh takes on the topsy-turvy life of J.M.W. Turner in an exquisitely detailed, brilliantly acted biopic.
    Richard Corliss Comment Mr TurnerName : Richard Corliss / Alias : TIME Magazine
    Epic in breadth and length (2 1/2 hours), and gorgeously photographed (digitally) by Bill Pope, Mr. Turner is intimate in incident.
    Katie Kilkenny Comment Mr TurnerName : Katie Kilkenny / Alias : The Atlantic
    A gorgeous, important film.
    Ann Hornaday Comment Mr TurnerName : Ann Hornaday / Alias : Washington Post
    Despite his own failings and faults, Leigh and Spall's Turner is a man consumed by the search for truth and beauty, even in the midst of the less than pretty truths of his times.
    J. R. Jones Comment Mr TurnerName : J. R. Jones / Alias : Chicago Reader
    Timothy Spall gives an admirably warty and unpleasant performance as Turner, an arrogant and uncompromising man who's annoyed by his celebrity in Britain but shocked when the public turns against his work.
    Stephen Whitty Comment Mr TurnerName : Stephen Whitty / Alias : Newark Star-Ledger
    It's not a pretty portrait of the artist. But it is a real one.
    Bill Zwecker Comment Mr TurnerName : Bill Zwecker / Alias : Chicago Sun-Times
    I can't say enough about the power of Spall's performance.
    Keith Staskiewicz Comment Mr TurnerName : Keith Staskiewicz / Alias : Entertainment Weekly
    To use a word often associated with Turner and his art, it's sublime.

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