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    Kamis, 06 Maret 2014

    The Bronze Ver Pelicula Online Gratis

    The Bronze Theyre the classic Film that have gone down as some of the greatest in history. The movies you must Play before you die! On this week movie great on cinema is The Bronze and the movie The Bronze Ver Pelicula Online Gratis get viewer most to watch this movie. Cinema like Reddit, Allocine, Megamovie, etc have thousand visitors/2h. This movie The Bronze great come from this channel (http://online.putlockermovie.net/?id=3859304) and this great movie The Bronze Ver Pelicula Online Gratis can download and watch for free unlimited.

    A decade ago, Hope Ann Greggory (Melissa Rauch) was America's sweetheart. Her inspired performance on a ruptured Achilles at the world's most prestigious gymnastics tournament clinched an unlikely bronze medal for the U.S. team and brought glory to her hometown of Amherst, Ohio. But in the years since that epic third place victory, Hope hasn't done a whole lot with her life. Still living in her dad Stan's (Gary Cole) basement, still sporting her daily uniform of a Team USA gym suit with teeny-bopper bangs, ponytail and scrunchie, she spends her days at the mall milking her minor celebrity for free food and favors. Hope's routine is upended when she learns that she must coach Amherst's newest gymnastics prodigy Maggie (Haley Lu Richardson) in order to receive a sizeable financial inheritance. The hard-edged yet insecure Hope is faced with a serious dilemma: does she jeopardize her "hometown hero" status by devotedly training this rising star to achieve the dreams she never could? Or does she attempt to sabotage the impressionable Maggie to ensure that she remains the one and only star in Amherst?

    About The Bronze

    Artist : Melissa Rauch, Gary Cole, Thomas Middleditch, Sebastian Stan, Haley Lu Richardson
    As : Hope Annabelle Greggory, Stan Greggory, Ben Lawfort, Lance Tucker, Maggie Townsend
    Title : The Bronze Ver Pelicula Online Gratis
    Release date : 2016-03-18
    Movie Code : 3859304
    Duration : 104
    Category : Drama, Comedy

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    Screen Of The Bronze

    screen The Bronze watch The Bronze poster The Bronze
    The Bronze

    poster The Bronze

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    Comment For Discount $1 For Voir Movie The Bronze

    Richard Roeper Comment The BronzeName : Richard Roeper / Alias : Chicago Sun-Times
    The problem with The Bronze isn't that Melissa Rauch's Hope Ann Gregory is such a nasty, foul-mouthed, terrible little human being. It's that she's not as funny as the film thinks she is.
    Tom Long Comment The BronzeName : Tom Long / Alias : Detroit News
    "The Bronze" is a fiercely independent comedy, sure to be too startling for some, but that's its great promise. This world needs more pistols with this kind of firepower.
    Steven Rea Comment The BronzeName : Steven Rea / Alias : Philadelphia Inquirer
    Rauch is so committed to her snotty, bitter, up-speaking protagonist that she finds the real humanity lurking there.
    Andrew Lapin Comment The BronzeName : Andrew Lapin / Alias : NPR
    Ultimately the character of Hope is not as button-pushing or subversive as Rauch and co-writer/husband Winston Rauch believe she is.
    Colin Covert Comment The BronzeName : Colin Covert / Alias : Minneapolis Star Tribune
    The film makes a point of mocking Tonya Harding-style greed and clinging to faded glory, but it's crushed by a hack plot and the sense that sheer off-putting vulgarity is funny.
    Matthew Lickona Comment The BronzeName : Matthew Lickona / Alias : San Diego Reader
    After a while, you may even start to feel that what director Bryan Buckley & Co. really value is whatever squirming discomfort they can wring from an audience that fancies itself sophisticated enough to enjoy the naturally unpleasant.
    Todd McCarthy Comment The BronzeName : Todd McCarthy / Alias : Hollywood Reporter
    The Bronze is a strident comedy made in accordance with the sole guiding principle of, when it doubt, go even more vulgar.
    Stephanie Merry Comment The BronzeName : Stephanie Merry / Alias : Washington Post
    When it comes down to it, "The Bronze" is just another movie about overcoming arrested development. It's not as funny as it tries to be, but, for a few, fleeting minutes, it leaves an impression.
    Stephen Whitty Comment The BronzeName : Stephen Whitty / Alias : Newark Star-Ledger
    I wouldn't want to live next to Hope, but it is fascinating to watch her. And every so often it's refreshing to have a movie that dares to say - you know, no matter what all the screenwriting gurus tell you, some characters never change.
    Leah Greenblatt Comment The BronzeName : Leah Greenblatt / Alias : Entertainment Weekly
    The plot is beyond basic and the dialogue so crude it almost feels like an R-rated cartoon. Still, The Bronze has a loony Napoleon Dynamite-meets-Talladega Nights-on-the-balance-beam charm.
    Peter Howell Comment The BronzeName : Peter Howell / Alias : Toronto Star
    This is one movie that gets better as it goes along, even as it fails to fully hit the high bar of making us care about a very nasty individual.
    Gail Pennington Comment The BronzeName : Gail Pennington / Alias : St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    There are some laughs in "The Bronze," but more time in which we might wish it would end already.
    Mick LaSalle Comment The BronzeName : Mick LaSalle / Alias : San Francisco Chronicle
    As it stands, "The Bronze" is just clumsy, caught between the same conflicting impulses it tries to depict - the compulsion to be outrageous and the desire to be loved.
    Tricia Olszewski Comment The BronzeName : Tricia Olszewski / Alias : TheWrap
    Hope is overall too knee-jerk mean to like very much. But Rauch's timing is impeccable, wringing a smile even after minor jokes.
    Kyle Smith Comment The BronzeName : Kyle Smith / Alias : New York Post
    A mean-spirited and largely witless satire of an Olympic gymnast who has Kerri Strug's grit but Tonya Harding's personality.
    Neil Genzlinger Comment The BronzeName : Neil Genzlinger / Alias : New York Times
    An Olympic-themed tale that goes way overboard in conveying that its main character is despicable.
    Leah Pickett Comment The BronzeName : Leah Pickett / Alias : Chicago Reader
    This indie comedy could have been a brutal yet endearing midwestern cult classic a la Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999), but instead it's petty and repulsive.
    Peter Debruge Comment The BronzeName : Peter Debruge / Alias : Variety
    Though no one would accuse "The Bronze" of not being funny, it somehow manages not to be funny often enough.
    Kate Taylor Comment The BronzeName : Kate Taylor / Alias : Globe and Mail
    The Bronze often feels like an extended skit, but Hope is so refreshingly unladylike and the movie is so refreshingly cynical about gymnastics that the results are surprisingly amusing.
    Moira MacDonald Comment The BronzeName : Moira MacDonald / Alias : Seattle Times
    I found myself admiring "The Bronze" . But admiring isn't quite the same as liking. This film is a comedy wrapped in barbed wire; approach with caution.
    Jesse Hassenger Comment The BronzeName : Jesse Hassenger / Alias : AV Club
    Anyone looking for a truly blackhearted, merciless comedy will be disappointed. But that can be a zero-sum game; at least The Bronze softens up convincingly.
    Liz Braun Comment The BronzeName : Liz Braun / Alias : Toronto Sun
    There are some decent laughs here (especially for a well choreographed sex scene) and even an amusing soundtrack, but there's just not enough story to go around.
    Joshua Rothkopf Comment The BronzeName : Joshua Rothkopf / Alias : Time Out
    For a movie with a critique of mediocrity well within its grasp, this one settles for an embrace of it, barely breaking a sweat.
    Tom Russo Comment The BronzeName : Tom Russo / Alias : Boston Globe
    All this plays out with a crudeness ranging from tedious to delirious.
    Joe Dziemianowicz Comment The BronzeName : Joe Dziemianowicz / Alias : New York Daily News
    "The Bronze" isn't a brilliant game-changer, just a funny and filthy diversion.

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