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    Kamis, 13 Agustus 2015

    Money Monster Peliculas Mexicanas Gratis

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    Lee Gates is a bombastic TV personality whose popular financial network show has made him the money wiz of Wall Street. But after he hawks a high tech stock that mysteriously crashes, an irate investor takes Gates, his crew, and his ace producer Patty Fenn hostage live on air. Unfolding in real time, Gates and Fenn must find a way to keep themselves alive while simultaneously uncovering the truth behind a tangle of big money lies.

    About Money Monster

    Artist : Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Caitriona Balfe, Dominic West, Giancarlo Esposito
    As : Patty Fenn, Lee Gates, Diane Lester, Walt Camby, Capt Marcus Powell
    Title : Money Monster Peliculas Mexicanas Gratis
    Release date : 2016-05-13
    Movie Code : 2241351
    Duration : 90
    Category : Drama

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    Screen Of Money Monster

    screen Money Monster watch Money Monster poster Money Monster
    Money Monster

    poster Money Monster

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    Comment For Money Monster En Entier

    Amy Nicholson Comment Money MonsterName : Amy Nicholson / Alias : MTV
    If Bernie Sanders is elected president, Money Monster will be the only movie allowed on Air Force One.
    Stephen Whitty Comment Money MonsterName : Stephen Whitty / Alias : Newark Star-Ledger
    The movie itself feels a little out of date, taking place in the present, but emotionally invoking a world of Enrons, Bernie Madoffs, tech bubbles and Wall Street meltdowns.
    Leah Greenblatt Comment Money MonsterName : Leah Greenblatt / Alias : Entertainment Weekly
    As a solid B-movie elevated by A-list talent and pushed along by a brisk running time-it's only 98 minutes-Money has its own rewards.
    Michael Phillips Comment Money MonsterName : Michael Phillips / Alias : Chicago Tribune
    Clooney provides the glue. Like director Foster, he has a genuine interest in making commercial movies that matter, at least a little bit - movies that engage with questions of media hypocrisy and financial outrages.
    James Berardinelli Comment Money MonsterName : James Berardinelli / Alias : ReelViews
    Unfortunately, despite a surfeit of talent in front of and behind the camera, the movie is unable to overcome a shaky narrative whose increasing preposterousness ensures it's difficult to take seriously.
    Lou Lumenick Comment Money MonsterName : Lou Lumenick / Alias : New York Post
    A clever financial thriller with comic overtones that's a solid investment of your time thanks to stellar work by George Clooney and Julia Roberts.
    Matthew Lickona Comment Money MonsterName : Matthew Lickona / Alias : San Diego Reader
    One long series of narrative gotchas masquerading as moral or intellectual sophistication before finally revealing that it offers nothing more than world-weary sentimentality.
    Melissa Anderson Comment Money MonsterName : Melissa Anderson / Alias : Village Voice
    There's a lot of excitable talk about algorithms (or "algos"), the overuse of the term perhaps fitting for a film that seems to have been constructed not by humans but by binary code.
    Dave Calhoun Comment Money MonsterName : Dave Calhoun / Alias : Time Out
    'Dog Day Afternoon' for dough-brains.
    Ann Hornaday Comment Money MonsterName : Ann Hornaday / Alias : Washington Post
    Not quite the sophisticated drama the era deserves, but not the usual adrenaline-addled genre exercise, either.
    Jesse Hassenger Comment Money MonsterName : Jesse Hassenger / Alias : AV Club
    Money Monster should turn into some kind of a nail-biter, but Foster, a novice at suspenseful filmmaking, doesn't seem to know which screws to tighten or if screws even need tightening at all.
    Lindsey Bahr Comment Money MonsterName : Lindsey Bahr / Alias : Associated Press
    Money Monster might not be a great movie, but it is a comforting movie-movie that's still fun to watch even if it whiffed on being something more.
    Rafer Guzman Comment Money MonsterName : Rafer Guzman / Alias : Newsday
    A potentially topical thriller marred by pandering dialogue and clumsy plotting. Spend your money elsewhere.
    Joe Morgenstern Comment Money MonsterName : Joe Morgenstern / Alias : Wall Street Journal
    A polemic disguised as a thriller .
    Kate Taylor Comment Money MonsterName : Kate Taylor / Alias : Globe and Mail
    In a different year, Money Monster might just be another solidly entertaining thriller with an admirable script; in 2016, it feels like the movie of the moment.
    David Sims Comment Money MonsterName : David Sims / Alias : The Atlantic
    As its tense studio antics unfold, though, the sad truth becomes apparent: Money Monster is a movie-star vehicle that isn't giving its movie stars anything to do.
    Bill Goodykoontz Comment Money MonsterName : Bill Goodykoontz / Alias : Arizona Republic
    The film whirs along with such entertaining efficiency that you may not realize that, by the end, it has shifted its blame .
    Andrew Barker Comment Money MonsterName : Andrew Barker / Alias : Variety
    The film hangs together surprisingly well, thanks to on-point performances from George Clooney and Julia Roberts, a sprinkle of obtuse humor and Foster's streamlined direction .
    Todd McCarthy Comment Money MonsterName : Todd McCarthy / Alias : Hollywood Reporter
    An ordinary film about an extraordinary situation.
    Cary Darling Comment Money MonsterName : Cary Darling / Alias : Fort Worth Star-Telegram/DFW.com
    Unfolding in real time, Money Monster hints at being a more taut, topical thriller than it turns out to be. While always compulsively watchable, and often surprisingly funny, it loses some of its steam once it becomes clear where it's going.
    Peter Rainer Comment Money MonsterName : Peter Rainer / Alias : Christian Science Monitor
    Investing in this movie would not be a safe bet.
    Mark Jenkins Comment Money MonsterName : Mark Jenkins / Alias : NPR
    Plays it straight with a topic that in reality is far more twisted.
    Christy Lemire Comment Money MonsterName : Christy Lemire / Alias : RogerEbert.com
    Jodie Foster has directed a real-time drama that's lean, efficient and benefits from the enormous charisma of George Clooney in the starring role as a slick, smug financial pundit.
    Moira MacDonald Comment Money MonsterName : Moira MacDonald / Alias : Seattle Times
    Ultimately, "Money Monster" is always watchable - but forgets to give us a compelling reason to watch.
    Colin Covert Comment Money MonsterName : Colin Covert / Alias : Minneapolis Star Tribune
    While it often feels like Foster's instincts as a director outpace the abilities of her screenwriting team, what she delivers is infernally attractive.
    A.O. Scott Comment Money MonsterName : A.O. Scott / Alias : New York Times
    You will not necessarily learn anything here about how TV or high finance really work, but you will be invited to enjoy the illusion of such enlightenment in the skilled and charismatic company of Julia Roberts and George Clooney.
    Ty Burr Comment Money MonsterName : Ty Burr / Alias : Boston Globe
    It's well made, juicily acted, a fun watch, but for all its financial-vigilante noise, the movie's a slick Hollywood response to the depredations of Wall Street.
    Peter Travers Comment Money MonsterName : Peter Travers / Alias : Rolling Stone
    Foster moves her film from a pulse-quickening nail-biter to an incisive look at a beleaguered America undergoing a crisis of faith.
    Bruce Kirkland Comment Money MonsterName : Bruce Kirkland / Alias : Toronto Sun
    The film could be better - and it should be better, considering the depth of the talent involved.
    Richard Roeper Comment Money MonsterName : Richard Roeper / Alias : Chicago Sun-Times
    Sometimes very funny and occasionally legitimately tense.
    Steven Rea Comment Money MonsterName : Steven Rea / Alias : Philadelphia Inquirer
    Even if Money Monster ultimately gets held hostage by its plot intricacies, Clooney, Roberts, O'Connell, and Foster do their jobs. It's a movie worth investing in.
    Brian Truitt Comment Money MonsterName : Brian Truitt / Alias : USA Today
    Foster has crafted a piece that, in places, proves to actually be funnier than might be expected, and she gets the most out of her fellow A-listers .
    Stephanie Zacharek Comment Money MonsterName : Stephanie Zacharek / Alias : TIME Magazine
    Foster navigates the tonal shifts with ease, and her actors follow.
    Kenneth Turan Comment Money MonsterName : Kenneth Turan / Alias : Los Angeles Times
    A film that is both less entertaining and less significant than it imagines.
    Peter Howell Comment Money MonsterName : Peter Howell / Alias : Toronto Star
    It recognizes the inchoate anger of people who suddenly realize they've been duped by a fast-talking hustler who promised gold but delivered dirt.
    Mick LaSalle Comment Money MonsterName : Mick LaSalle / Alias : San Francisco Chronicle
    "Money Monster" is better than a mere statement of the times. It's terrific entertainment, and it deserves to be seen now.

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