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    Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2016

    Premium Jouer Denial Full ☢☢ [SECRET]

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    Based on the acclaimed book History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier, DENIAL recounts Deborah E. Lipstadt's (Academy Award (R) winner Rachel Weisz) legal battle for historical truth against David Irving (Cannes Award winner Timothy Spall), who accused her of libel when she declared him a Holocaust denier. In the English legal system, the burden of proof is on the accused, therefore it was up to Lipstadt and her legal team to prove the essential truth that the Holocaust occurred.

    About Denial

    Artist : Rachel Weisz, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Spall
    As : Deborah Lipstadt, ,
    Title : Premium Jouer Denial Full ☢☢ [SECRET]
    Release date : 2016-09-30
    Movie Code : 0126861
    Duration : 110
    Category : Drama

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    Screen Of Denial

    screen Denial watch Denial poster Denial

    poster Denial

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    Comment For Denial Estrenos Cine

    Claudia Puig Comment DenialName : Claudia Puig / Alias : TheWrap
    The film is talky and well-mannered, which are not usually the highest of compliments. But it works.
    Tom Huddleston Comment DenialName : Tom Huddleston / Alias : Time Out
    The jury remains out on this one.
    Stephen Holden Comment DenialName : Stephen Holden / Alias : New York Times
    You wonder if the material would have been more effective as a courtroom procedural adapted for the stage.
    Kenneth Turan Comment DenialName : Kenneth Turan / Alias : Los Angeles Times
    Because Hare's script grapples with serious themes and singular events whose ramifications are still being felt, it is effective when it counts.
    Deborah Young Comment DenialName : Deborah Young / Alias : Hollywood Reporter
    A compelling, true courtroom drama touches on the lingering pain of the Holocaust.
    Alan Scherstuhl Comment DenialName : Alan Scherstuhl / Alias : Village Voice
    With chatty urgency, Jackson dramatizes the 2000 trial in which a flinty Brit Holocaust denier sued Penguin Books for libel.
    Rex Reed Comment DenialName : Rex Reed / Alias : New York Observer
    Another illuminating performance by Rachel Weisz and a brilliant screenplay by the distinguished British playwright David Hare make Denial one of the most powerful and riveting courtroom dramas ever made.
    Sophie Gilbert Comment DenialName : Sophie Gilbert / Alias : The Atlantic
    Its finest and most moving moments are when Lipstadt and Rampton go to Auschwitz on a research mission, where the camera lingers on the piles of rubble that cover a destroyed gas chamber.
    Jesse Hassenger Comment DenialName : Jesse Hassenger / Alias : AV Club
    As an actual procedural narrative, the film is only passably interesting, afflicted with the kind of stop-start rhythms endemic in movies that compress a legal battle spanning years into a two-hour movie.
    Owen Gleiberman Comment DenialName : Owen Gleiberman / Alias : Variety
    The crucial thing missing is what should be the essence of a courtroom drama: our immersion in how Lipstadt's lawyers stake out their strategy.
    Jake Coyle Comment DenialName : Jake Coyle / Alias : Associated Press
    "Denial" is carried less by the normal theatrics of courtroom dramas than a staunch sense of duty to protect the truth. It's an argument for the patient, methodical dismantling of fools.
    Eric Kohn Comment DenialName : Eric Kohn / Alias : indieWIRE
    This isn't a debate, it's a sledgehammer; it's not inherently compelling drama, but it's immensely satisfying catharsis to watch as it flattens Irving's nonsense into nothingness.
    Stephen Whitty Comment DenialName : Stephen Whitty / Alias : New York Daily News
    There are people today who will claim that all opinions are equal; that facts are boring; that there is no such thing as objective truth. "Denial" reminds us of what the verdict should be.
    Farran Smith Nehme Comment DenialName : Farran Smith Nehme / Alias : New York Post
    The movie sneers at the journalists covering the trial, but for those of us who followed it at the time, the newspaper accounts were a lot more engrossing than this film.
    Leah Greenblatt Comment DenialName : Leah Greenblatt / Alias : Entertainment Weekly
    Tom Wilkinson is brilliant as always as the barrister who takes on the case, complicated by England's labyrinthine libel laws. But there's too little actual tension in the climactic courtroom drama.

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